screen printing and graphic design
What information do I need to get started?

We require the following information to give you a quote for screen printing. After reviewing the list below
go to our catalog link to look at our selection of garments and accessories.

QUANTITY of t-shirts, sweatshirts, or other garments you want to order. Our minimum order is 12 pieces.

NUMBER OF COLORS you are printing. Print prices are based on the number of colors being printed on
your garments.

COLOR of shirts you want to order. The sections of our catalog contain many color choices.

NUMBER OF LOCATIONS you are printing. Print prices are affected by the number of locations you need

DELIVERY DATE. When do you need them?

What type of artwork do I need?

We accept electronic art files in CorelDraw (up to version 13)  for printing standard spot color garments.
These are professional grade graphics applications and you may not have them. We accept JPEG, GIF or
BMP files for creating but may have to charge an art fee in order to get your art "t-shirt ready."

We DO NOT print without your approval! You will receive e-mail proofs of the art for your job. It is the
customers complete responsibility to check proofs for accuracy of spelling of text and phone numbers,
color and proposed sizing. And there will be no returns allowed for errors in customer art will be accepted
once approved.

All art is quoted on a per job basis. No art is started until customer places a deposit on order.
call us at 406-396-3550, 406-676-TEES
or email -
how to order